What are Impact Windows?

In short, if you clicked in because you want to know if impact windows are built to take a wallop and then some, the answer is yes. Therefore, if you live anywhere near the coast, they afford you added protection in the event that a hurricane blows inland. Many people choose to beef up their windows. Odds are that’s why you’re here.

However, we must share that you’ll want to know the rest of the qualities these windows possess.

First things first

Whether it’s hurricane season or there’s another threat of a tornado in Red River Valley, living in Texas brings the risk of a high wind event. Impact windows provide added protection for you and your family. They increase the structural integrity of your home.

A company that manufactures impact windows has to guarantee they stand up to a beating. They endure a grueling testing process to earn the impact resistant rating.

Hurricane resistant

If you have weathered a hurricane, you understand the true definition of a force of nature. The howl of the wind is deafening, all the while the sideways driven rain beats mercilessly against everything in its path. Not to mention the debris that shoots through the air like a torpedo.

For a window to earn a hurricane or impact resistant rating, it is put through a series of tests likened to withstanding the storm.

  • Testers perform the large missile test first. A 6 foot long 2×4, weighing approximately nine pounds, is shot out of a cannon aiming directly at the window. The projectile must hit the window end on. If the window stays in tact, it moves to the next test.
  • The small missile test utilizes small ball bearings, or gravel of the approximate size. The projectiles are all fired at once toward the window. To pass the tests, the entire window unit must remain in tact.
  • Wind and water resistance tests liken to the intense winds and driving rains that beat at windows relentlessly throughout a hurricane.

The rating a window unit receives pertains directly to the amount of damage that the unit incurred.

How’d they do that?

Impact windows are constructed of two sheets (panes) of tempered glass that are bonded to a sheet of high-tech polymer. The polymer sheet provides the impact resistance while providing a crystal clear view. Even if a window sustains multiple cracks or “spiderwebs,” it will not fly apart.

The rest of the story

We aren’t detracting from the added protection that impact windows provide your family in the event of a severe storm blowing through your town. Not only do we strive to keep our family safe, but home is where we keep our stuff!

The last thing we need is to have it blowing all over the state.

Safe keeping

The thought of the wind ripping into our home sending everything flying here, there, and yon is terrifying enough, but that’s not the only way to have our things ripped from us. According to an FBI statistic, during 2018 a property crime happened every three seconds.

Granted, they weren’t all in the great State of Texas, but still.

Imagine the look on an intruders face when they encounter the resistance provided by impact windows! Intruders mark windows as the easiest source of entry. Odds are they will move in search of easier prey.

Energy savings

Impact windows save you money on your energy bills. They do an excellent job of keeping the hot Florida air outside where it belongs. All the while, you’ll be enjoying an “Ahh” moment inside while you cool off. Not to mention, the satisfaction you’ll feel when you get your bill!

No more sun burn

Have you ever experienced the realization of having a section of carpet that has changed color? Or, perhaps, you now have a two-tone sofa, which was never in the decorating scheme, oh, by the way. The sun can burn us in more ways then one, can’t it?

No more.

Impact windows provide excellent UV protection. Open those drapes and let the sun shine in without worry of fading.

Noisy neighborhood

People equate life with being busy. That’s certainly true, however, it gets pretty loud too. It would be nice to head home and revel in silence.

If it weren’t for the neighborhood dogs and their constant serenade.

Street noise, kids playing, or construction equipment can wreak havoc on the nerves after a long day. Impact resistant windows are noise resistant. They do a great job at muffling or eliminating outside sounds leaving you to enjoy that much needed peace and quiet.

Insuring you insure

Many insurance providers offer premium discounts when you prove that impact windows have been installed in your home. They are considered effective windstorm protective systems. They are also in service constantly unlike hurricane shutters for example. We might not get around to getting them up before the storm, whereas impact windows are at the ready all day, every day.

The test of time

Impact windows are not totally indestructible. Let’s face it, if there’s a Cat 5 hurricane barreling toward you, there’s a chance not much will be left standing after it passes. In times like that, it strikes us what we are most thankful for.

We hug our family tight, pick up, and carry on.

We’re thankful that such occurrences are rare. Most of the time, our homes weather the storm just fine. Adding impact windows to the mix increases the overall strength of your home. You provide your family with an added sense of security from the moment of installation.

We’d mention the likeness to a sentry standing guard over those you love, but we thought it might get to cliche. So we decided to reiterate saving money on energy costs, instead. Moreover, noise reduction, home invasion protection, and increasing the lifespan of your furniture all warrant another mention as well.

It turns out that impact windows impact many aspects of your life.