All about roof shingles and its types

All about roof shingles and its types

Choosing the roofing material for your property is a crucial aspect. There are many factors to consider especially the costs, durability, and aesthetics. Shingles roofing is one of the most selected roofing materials in homes and residential buildings. However, this roofing material also comes in different specifications, classes, and descriptions that may confuse you. If Roofing Shingles is one of your choices for your homes, get to know its types and some relevant information that may help you in finalizing.

Shingles are tiled roofing materials that are mostly made from asphalt. The first shingles are manufactured for durability that can stand any weather and temperature. These are basically assembled on an undersheating. Roofing shingles comes in two layers of your roof on the trusses. Roofing shingles are installed with great capacity to withstand the movements of winds as every tile holds firm with every other tile surrounding it. It thoroughly protects while adding a crowning beauty to a building.

The 3-tab roof shingles is different from the traditional roofing shingles that is made purely from asphalt. This type of shingle is made from fiberglass, ceramic granules, and also asphalt. This is more durable than all other types of shingle roofing, yet more lightweight and is also affordable. Three-tab shingles have the same composition with architectural shingles but the way they are tiled is different. The three-tab shingles tile looks like there are three tiles in one tile, but these three tiles are inside one tab. Each tile in the three-tab shingles is referred to as “tab” instead of tile. Architectural shingles on the other hand has an additional layer of asphalt and is more durable than the 3-tab roof shingles.

Most shingle roofing has a span of up to 30 years when not exposed to extreme behaviors of climate and weather conditions. Some unfortunate shingles lifespan only reaches up to 15 years.

Another type of shingles roofing is the composite roof shingles. Composite shingles roofing is designed primarily for its ecofriendly purpose. Composite shingles have different composition as this is made from recycled plastic and rubber. With the profiles of the raw materials that this roofing type is made from, it proves that these are more lightweight, versatile, flexible, and is more durable and long-lasting due to the fact that it can break less. This shingle roofing type looks more like a slate and therefore gives a more aesthetic and expensive appearance to the building. The design of composite shingles are modeled from how slates look like which gives a realistic grain pattern.

While composite roof shingles is inspired by slate, there is also a slate roof shingles. The slate roof shingles is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic type of shingles roofing as these are intensely real organically-made materials. It reflects light as it looks solid and genuine tile roofing. The downside of slate roofing is they are heavy and needs more maintenance compared to all other innovated shingles roofing types. Its durability is also proven but all the other new types of shingles roofing are equally durable and long-lasting.

Shingles are designed to protect the interiors of the roof and give the sufficient interior temperature. The roof plays a great role in this aspect. Choosing the best roofing color is important. Darker colored roofing do not absorb heat and does not permit hot or cold temperature from getting into the interiors. Therefore, it is better to choose a darker colored roof. This could be the reason why there are less white colored roof or there is no white roof shingles in the market unless it is requested.

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